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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Adventures in Alternative Currency

I published an epic 4200 word article on alternative currency in Aeon magazine. Take a read if you're having a lazy weekend afternoon and wish to casually reflect on the nature of economic reality. I believe that coming to basic grips with money itself is a good foundation for making further explorations into the financial system, and economic systems more generally. As I say in the article:
"The financial system exists, above all, to mediate flows of money, not to question what money is. Investment banks create financial instruments that steer money from one place to another, with built-in sub-conduits to siphon it back... To draw an analogy with computer coding, we might say that financial instruments are analogous to ‘high-level’ programming languages such as Java or Ruby: they let you string commands together in order to perform certain actions. You want to get resources from A to B over time? Well, we can program a financial instrument to do that for you... By contrast, money itself is more like a low-level programming language, very hard to see or to understand but closer to gritty reality. It’s like your computer’s machine code, interfacing with the hardware: even the experts take it for granted.
The piece has been pretty well received. I'll leave you with some Twitter recommendations, to convince you to read it. The first comes from Izabella Kaminska of FT Alphaville

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Seeking #futureofmoney interns for help with gonzo finance: Will pay with alternative currency

I've got some alternative currency, and I'm willing to give it to interns who can do part-time work for me to help me with publicity for my new book on global finance. I'm going to be resuming work on the London School of Financial Activism soon too, so there are possibilities to get involved there as well.

Up for grabs: Alternative currency for alternative work
I'd like open-minded people who are keen to learn more about alternative finance. I'll be straight up with you though: Some of it is total drudge work, like trawling through a list of 100 institutions and finding email addresses for them. I have a series of discreet tasks you can volunteer for in exchange for a bounty in certain esoteric currencies I've got from selling my book. Choices include:
  1. Bitcoin: Not only is this an interesting experience to use in itself, but you get to tell people at parties that you're paid in cryptocurrency
  2. Brixton Pounds: I'd like to get at least one South London dweller to do a couple hours for Brixton Pounds
  3. Barter: This option is available for people who'd like a copy of my book in exchange for an hour or two of work

How to apply
My email is in the right-hand column, so ping me message if you're interested. I'm favourable towards slightly outsider, underdog, anarchic types. I'm not so interested in how clever you are, or what extra-curricular activities you did at school. Send me a brief description of yourself, and a (non-finance) Youtube video you particularly like (could be anything), or write a haiku about money. I can then send a list of things I'm looking to get done, and we can start a conversation.